Who We Are

For over 40 years, The Doorland Group has been an industry leader that creates custom wood stile & rail doors, MDF fire rated doors and wood mouldings.

Each of our five divisions offers specialized door products and services for both commercial and residential applications. The DOORLAND Group recognizes the importance of providing our customers with the quality and service they deserve.

Our History

Elio’s natural craftsmanship and dedication were the beginning of a family tradition, which to this day, is one the company is still based on.

Elio Granzotto, a renowned classic art wood sculptor, began to perfect his craft in Italy. Specializing in fine, intricate wood designs, Elio demonstrated excellence in the ability to create/represent wood as a form of art through carving, casting, and other shaping techniques. His talents were well received/recognized by custom home builders and architects, who commissioned him to create entry-way systems, cabinetry and custom wood home décor. As result of his dedication, an opportunity to share his greatness was presented… Doorland was born.

In 1978, Elio had completed his first custom door project. The success of his work extended through the industry, beginning the development of a brand that would soon be recognized as a standard of excellence. Aside from his artistic ability, his vision included a consultative approach, traditional work ethic, flexible design and strong client collaboration. In 1979, his vision had officially been realized with the formation of Doorland Doors.









To Present

Since their evolution in 1979, Doorland has grown their operation at an exponential rate. Their spacious 110,000 square foot facility features a team of 125 employees, housing some of the industry’s most advanced door and moulding manufacturing equipment.

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