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Doorland is an industry leader that creates and manufactures custom engineered stile and rail doors, routered MDF doors, and wood mouldings and jambs, all fire-rated, up to 90 minutes.

OUR extensive product line is guaranteed to meet the design of YOUR dreams. Take a look at both OUR door and trim catalogues to find what fits!

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Doorland is celebrating 40 years of superb craftsmanship, state-of-the-art machinery and software. Our reputation has been established over the years with generations of knowledge and the quality we put into each piece we produce and the exceptional service we provide our customers.

Design the Front Door of Your Dreams.

Your front door represents the introduction, and first impression, of your home. Whether you’re greeting your guests, or people are simply driving by, your front door is the first experience associated with your home.

In addition, your front door provides a sense of character for not only your home, but for yourself, representing your individual style and personality.

Doorland Group’s superb craftsmanship offers a final product that features the perfect balance between elegance and security. Our extensive line of work is sure to meet your preference of style.

Do you have a final “dream” door in mind? With our custom, state-of-the-art designs, we’ll turn your dream door into a reality. Set the tone of your home with Doorland.


A door profile can be defined as, the joint where the panel and sticking are unified. Selecting a door profile that fits the final product can make ALL the difference.

With 50 different combinations of panel and sticking options to choose from, we are dedicated to acting as that difference.

There are several factors that make our doors unique. Not least of these is our ability to interpret any and all design plans in ways that express our clients’ vision.


To further enhance the beauty of our doors, we offer a wide selection of entry sets and complimentary hardware. Add classical, contemporary and custom hardware in an assortment of finishes to your door design.

Browse through our wide selection of handles, levers, knobs, and much more to find the perfect pairing with your door. Our hardware allows you to add a sense of style, while upgrading the security of your home.

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