In the Community - Doorland Group

The Doorland Group is a firm believer in giving back to the community and supporting impactful causes through good business. At Doorland, we believe that investing in your community is a great way to give back to those who have helped support your business!

Our Environment

The Doorland Group prides itself on being environmentally responsible. Every possible effort is made to ensure that our suppliers embrace the same values and principles towards ecological sustainability, reservation of forests and the environment as a whole. In an effort to reduce waste, our advanced dust and debris collection system produces the materials used in manufacturing animal stall flooring and particleboard. This system undergoes routine maintenance to ensure efficiency, and is compacted and collected twice daily.

Tree Planting Program

Our tree planting program will assist in restoring and replenishing our forests in both Canada and the United States. The Tree planting program is a joint initiative involving The Doorland Group and associated partners and suppliers. The objective is to ensure a sustainable forest supply, assist in combating global warming and to create a heightened awareness for our environment.

Sunnybrook Foundation

Doorland was honoured to support the Sunnybrook Prostate Health Classic in making the second annual Prostate Health Classic a huge success. Through the support of Doorland and other contributers, Sunnybrook exceeded last year’s fundraising total – raising $350,000 for prostate cancer care research at Sunnybrook.